From $29/month
  • Automatic data integration
  • Graphical dashboard
  • Individual product price analytics
  • Time range conversion analytics
  • Collection conversion analytics
  • Up to 100 products
  • Email support


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  • API access
  • Per product price models and optimization
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Updates computed daily
  • Flexible optimization strategies
  • Smarter learning algorithms
  • Customized analytics reports
  • Dedicated support

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

PriceOptimizer computes conversions for your products for different price points. Optimal price maximizing profit or revenue is computed and you can either set the price manually or integrate the price updates automatically using the API.

Is my e-shop compatible?

We offer API access which is used to sync your store statistics. You upload your sale and visitor data and fetch daily updated price recommendations. Please contact us to obtain the REST API specs and to setup an account.

Is there a minimum monthly e-shop volume needed?

As long as you are making a hundred sales per month, you can start measuring better conversion statistics, learn from data and optimize your prices.

What other benefits do I get?

With enterprise plan, we can setup custom pricing models and optimization scenarios. You receive periodic analytics reports, dedicated integration support and more.